I am a PTSD and Trauma Recovery Expert and Life Coach for anyone who has suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Trauma, or Stress. I am an expert in the field. I suffered from an extreme case of PTSD myself rooted in my experiences in the military, and I experienced the effects of living with a combat veteran from Vietnam who suffered from PTSD, so I know and understand how deep the lingering effects of PTSD plays out in families of veterans and the detrimental consequences when this disorder is not treated. I’ve created a program to help those in the military as well as civilians who suffer from PTSD, or are members of families affected by someone who has PTSD. I know and understand what you are going through and I can help you reclaim the lives you were meant to live. I know it works because this was my way out. It’s simple, easy, and effective. It works. Let me help you get on the right path. You deserve to live an extraordinary life!



A PTSD and Trauma Recovery expert and Life Coach; Creator of the program, ‘Lt. Pacello’s Life Training Program’, dedicated to the healing and recovery of all those who suffer from PTSD, Trauma, or Stress. CWTV series recurring lead on ‘Prom Queen: The Homecoming’; Actor of both film and stage; Author; Producer; and Teacher of higher consciousness and spirituality.


I was born in Denver, Colorado.  I attended Arvada West High School, and graduated from the United States Air Force Academy.  I served 5 years as an active duty officer before switching to the arts to become a professional actor.  Studied acting at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting, and studied Shakespeare at the Midsummer in Oxford program offered by the the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England.  I have acted in numerous plays, tv series, and independent films.  Besides acting, my passion is to help people who suffer from PTSD recover from their trauma and live the lives they were meant to live.  I am a member of the Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists Union, the critically acclaimed Elephant Theatre Company in Los Angeles, and I have a not-for-profit production company called Sewer Socialist Productions.  

Bragging rights

Recurring lead on a CWTV series ‘Prom Queen: The Homecoming’; Created program to overcome PTSD; Wrote article for Human Rights Agency, the United States International Mission, which helped to raise funds to build an orphanage for the Humong children in Chang Mai, Thailand