Why Choose a Life Coach?

A life coach is a leader, a mentor, a teacher, a friend, and a motivator who coaches you how to move beyond the limitations set by your beliefs, values, ideas, and past experiences. I give you the tools to get you in touch with the possibility and potency lying within you to reach your highest human potential. I give you permission to grow into the greatest version of yourself, seeing only what is possible. I see only the best in you. I inspire the best in my clients and serve them by granting them the freedom to reach for their highest aspirations about themselves. I provide a safe, loving, healthy, healing, and non-judgmental environment where one is free to examine their lives without guilt, shame, anger, or blame, and my greatest satisfaction is watching my clients succeed in transforming all limitations into possibilities, healing the wounds of their past by learning how to find the gifts in the wounds, and then, becoming the person they were always meant to be.

Most contemporary psychological therapies for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Trauma treat the symptoms and suggest to the client this is a life-long disorder that requires readjustments by the person who suffers. What I do is show you how you can not only heal yourself from the past traumas, but I give you permission and the tools so you can transform them, and thus, grow bigger than whatever may have happened to you. You do not have to live with this pain forever. You do not have to keep reliving the same things over and over again in your life hoping to bring some resolution to the original wound. I will show you how it is possible to make peace with your past. By learning to make meaning of the experience, find the gifts in the wounds, you learn to master yourself and are transformed.

We are not who we’ve been. We are who we are being. Your cells change. Every single cell in your body changes every 7 years. If you start changing who you are being right now, any diagnosis or labeling of this disorder or of the traumas of your past can be unrecognizable as you in the future. The broken man I was when I began creating my program and the way I am today is night and day. I am a transformed man. This is the path I walked. I took my own medicine, tested it, confirmed it, and now share it with all of you who are ready to walk out of the past and into the next chapter of your life. Not everyone is ready for their destiny, but if you are, I’ll get you there!