We human beings hurry through life at a racing pace. If something is wrong with our physical body, we know it, we feel it, and we usually take steps to heal the problem. So, too, our minds can be hurt, damaged, and in pain. But we rarely, if ever, take the time to heal these problems, the wounds of the psyche. They are no less real than physical pain, and can actually cause deeper and more far reaching problems. These wounds cause stress just as much as physical wounds stress the body. If not healed, these wounds of the mind can derail our purpose in life and zap our energy and our happiness. They come from all areas of our past, inflicted unknowingly and sometimes on purpose by parents, teachers, lovers, etc. It causes P.T.S.D. – much like soldiers who have seen combat face. Not as huge, but no less damaging and crippling. I have worked with Charlie on my own issues with P.T.S.D. The work has been eye opening. Charlie has helped me see the wounds of my inner-self and he has guided me toward healing. This is not cultish. It is not passive therapy or trickery. It is honest work and it takes effort, but with Charlie’s help, it has been a valuable journey. Seeing the wounds and healing them has led me to being more fully and freely myself – just as healing a muscle leads to freer physicality. The psychic wounds of life can be crippling. Charlie and his work are physical therapy for the spirit. I’m off and running and it feels good.”

-Jack (Los Angeles)


Charlie radiates peace. He’s extremely patient and understanding which makes working with him an easy choice. His approach to healing aims at the root of the issue rather than just the symptoms. The work is challenging but I’ve made more progress in the first 3 sessions with Charlie than in the past several years of talk therapy. He showed me a new perspective, inspired personal growth and renewed my hope!”

-Danielle (Los Angeles)

I have been so very Lucky to have found this man, this man is Charlie Pacello , and believe me I truly can say hand on heart I would not be here today but for this man. I was at the lowest point one could ever be in life. At the bottom of a black black hole to the point where I made a deal with ones self and picked up my phone and thought if he answers and can help I live if he doesn’t I die . And just as I was going to put my phone down he picked up this may sound mellow dramatic but I can assure you it’s true. Charlie has helped and guided me through and out of the darkness through meditation and his teachings he opens your mind to things you wouldn’t think have effected you from your past etc he is a mind of information intelligence and so truthful and understanding to your situation. I myself being from the UK have not got anyone that is anywhere as good as Charlie . His program works , IT WORKS he is a lot younger than I but so so much wiser I only wish I had found him sooner, but he saved me from myself and taught me to understand why and how to love my life again. Charlie is the miracle I asked god to help me and I believe people find people for a reason bad or good in life it’s all a learning curve. Charlie saved me from falling off the earth so if anyone is reading this and is thinking they may need help just go straight to this man because he is the best and believes in what he is doing unlike a lot of them out there. Charlie your an angel. Thank you a million times over and back again .

-Deborah (United Kingdom)