What makes mine better than what’s already out there?

I’m going to give it to you all here, in this blog, everything that I do.  I want you to have this so much, and as time allows, I’m going to share it all with you, on this blog, all that I have done, everything that I do.  So you can do it for yourself too.  It will be faster with me, if you come in, but I’m going to give it to you regardless.  At the foundation of my program are the principles of non-violence and peace.  It uses Gandhi’s principles of non-violence, along with the principles of a Course in Miracles, a spiritual meditation practice rooted in love, forgiveness, and peace.  This is what makes mine different from all other approaches.  From this foundation does my program draw its inspiration.  Although it is rooted in spirituality, it does not demand you believe in God, what it does require is a genuine desire to transform your life.  Without that deep desire, no program will work, regardless which one it is.

The core of my program is modeled similar to Mind-Body therapy, and is a complete mind, body, and soul healing.  It takes the mind, body, soul connection, it builds belief systems, it improves what is already there, it teaches emotional regulation, and problem solving.  It begins by really connecting to who you were before PTSD.  Who were you?  What were your dreams? etc., a lot of time is spent reconnecting to your true self.  Then, we look at what your life would have been like if this didn’t happen.  What would you have done?  From there, we begin to remove the obstacles to becoming that.

Once we’ve realigned with who you really are, set that as our guide and destination, we then begin to approach the trauma or traumas keeping you held back from being that ideal version of yourself.  This space is completely loving, non-judgmental, and safe for you to go to where you can be completely felt, be completely yourself, completely human.  We completely deconstruct anything that has kept you from being who you truly are and which has kept you separated from another human being.  Whatever you might be ashamed of, angry about, guilty of, etc., anything that you have compartmentalized.  We learn to understand the good that came out of it, and the lessons you learned.  You learn how to make peace with the past so that it doesn’t control and destroy your present.  We break down the belief systems that have kept you imprisoned in your own mind.  You learn how to let go of attachments and all that does not serve you in the fulfillment of your life.  You learn how to replace negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones, and you incorporate meditation to create space in the mind and slow down the thoughts that invade your peace.  What meditation does is it also allows you to experience the present now.  By becoming consciously aware about right now, how you feel in the present moment, and using several meditation techniques to assist you, will help you to bring clarity and peace to the mind.  We also remember and re-discover the things that brought you joy and take the time to do them.  Yoga, movement meditation, massage therapy, and energy cleansing is also encouraged to augment and speed up the healing process.

There is no fear in my program.  No drugs or medications.  Medicine didn’t create this problem.  It didn’t come from a disorder in the body.  This disorder got created with the mind.  It’s not a chemical imbalance.  We don’t need medicine to heal it or cure it.  What heals this is a miracle.  Wait, before you say anything or think anything, let me put what I mean by miracle in context.  The miracle is recognizing who you really are. And then, growing bigger than any event that might have happened. Part of the skill set of remembering who you are is that you’ve got to accept everything in your life.  You’ve got to take responsibility for it all and be at the source of creation.

This program also uses the latest science in quantum physics theories and epigenetics, especially the works of Candace Pert, Bruce Lipton , and Valerie Hunt.  These works, along with others in the field of higher consciousness like Byron Katie, Wayne Dyer, Eckart Tolle, and David Hawkins, remind us of our connectedness to each other and who we actually are.  This program embodies the energy that we were never born, and we never died for energy is never destroyed.  


The skill set building includes and is very similar to what an actor does for a role.  An actor must embody the role he or she is playing with every cell of his being.  We are going to establish who you truly are (the role you want to play), then we’re going to build skill sets to allow that to come through, and at the same time, remove, let go of, and eliminate all that isn’t you.

This is how you transform yourself out of the trauma(s) that have imprisoned you.  It takes dedication, commitment, and a willingness to see things differently.  Friends, we re-live the same problems over and over again until we transform them!  And, you can’t approach a problem that was created by fear thoughts with solutions based on fear thoughts.  Love and fear can not co-exist.  A new approach, a more advanced approach is called for, one based on love and the thoughts generated from the energy of love.  This is what my program is all about.

What you can do if you have it or your friend has it

The average backlog for veterans at the VA is 273 days!  If you have a friend with PTSD, don’t wait.  Call them, talk to them.  If you even suspect this, don’t wait.  Get them help.  Refer them this blog, or any website.  Let them know you care and are there for them.  Take action.

If you have it, don’t let this fester inside.  Take action, get some help now.